Achieve all the best from your maintenance team and safety procedures. Digitize your working plans and stay on top of your operations.

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Add checks on the Web console and create your own checklist. Schedule the work in seconds.

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Manage your workforce wherever they are. Send them digital Work Order on the go and view progress in real time.

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Use our fast and secure Remorides Cloud services. All the power you need for your work without headache and saving.

<strong>Mobile Application</strong> to work in the field

Take a look at the new way to perform maintenance and inspections of theme park’s rides. With the Opera App for your smartphone, you have the entire technical office at your fingertips.


Opera Amusement is the new way to perform inspections and maintenance tasks in theme parks, water parks, carnivals, FEC's, rides, zoos and field service management companies.

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Take a look at the new way to perform maintenance and inspections of theme park’s rides. You'll be surprised at how simple and effective it is.

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We are proud to help maintenance engineers to preserve safety of amusement rides operations all over the world.


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We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need help, feel free to open a chat or get in touch with us by e-mail or phone.

With Opera Amusement you quickly increase the efficiency in your operations management inside your company. As per our experience, you save from 15 % to 25 % of the time for paper management and company procedures executions, and around 10 % of the time for a better arrangement of planned works.

Of course! Improving traceability and quality level of operations helps your company to reduce downtime of assets and number of complaints. Indeed with Opera the control chain from the manager to operations will be more effective. This will result in a clear benefit for your customer satisfaction and a stronger positioning in the market.

Software licenses are available for rent in the PROFESSIONAL versions, using the Remorides Cloud service. In the ENTERPRISE version is possible to choose the Cloud service option with license renting, or on-premises option (using a customer dedicated server) with a perpetual license.

The implementation in the company is a fast and simple process. Normally the roll out is concluded in two weeks, or less in case of cloud service activation.

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Start today with our free Android App and get the best from your safety and maintenance procedures! After registration you will receive a link to Web application for planning and supervision.

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